Best New Features to Add To Your Website

When you are creating a new website for your company, one of the biggest goals is to make it easy and efficient for any visitor to navigate. There are so many features you can add to your site to make not only more functional, but also fresh and aesthetically appealing. With constant innovation in web design, there are tons of trendy new features and tools being developed every day. Here are some of the best ideas for new web features.

Extended Menu

The menu is one of the most important parts of your site, because it helps visitors find exactly where they need to go. Drop-down menus are already very popular, but it helps to take that a step further and add an extended menu. These menus contain images and even more detail about each section, and they make your site feel very professional. Many magazine sites already have these features in place, but you can use them for virtually any type of site to make your user experience more intriguing and effective.

Animated Typography

If you want to make a certain concept or title stand out, one of the easiest ways to do that is by opting for animated typography. By having your words move around the screen, change color, or interact with other features on the website, you make the entire page much more dynamic and interesting. You also direct the visitor’s focus exactly where it needs to go, making it much easier to make a statement with your site.

360 Degree Photo and Video

As VR continues to go mainstream, there are more ways to incorporate this exciting new trend into your site. Fully immersive, 360 degree photo and video content is a great way for users to experience your business and your content in a way that is dynamic and more engaging than flat, two-dimensional content. Although it can be expensive to create this kind of content, the return is often worth it because of increased engagement in your site. As VR headsets become more common, it will be easier to create content that brings the viewer completely into your site.

Chat Bots

You’ve likely already seen chat bots on many popular websites, and this feature just continues to grow as people realize how useful it can be. A good chat bot can use artificial intelligence to interact with users and answer common questions that they have. You can also staff your chat boxes for a more immersive, personal experience. Chat bots are a good way to increase sales because they allow visitors to learn more about your products or services much like they would if they were interacting with a salesperson in real life.

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